Before entering the world of work, life was so easy! No real responsibilities, no commitments, just yourself and your hobbies. In reality, there is so much more to any job than you can imagine from face value. I wanted to share my views on how my expectations of working within the recruitment industry and the reality differ, which may be useful for anyone looking to enter the world of recruitment.

“Everyone wants a job” – I thought it’d be a walk in the park…!

Previously, as someone with little knowledge on the mechanics of recruitment, I thought how hard can it be to find someone a job? With such a high level of growth within the recruitment industry, and so many candidates on the job market, it can be easy to have a predetermined vision that this is going to be easy. How difficult can it be to look through CV’s until a shining gem appears and then send them off for an interview? Well in fact, pretty difficult. There are so many moments where a hiring process can fall apart, and without understanding the challenges which you might face and how to overcome them, this happens. Remember, nothing is as easy as it looks on face value, learn from your mistakes and stay motivated!

The highs and the lows

Looking through the job adverts you see, thirty-five thousand pounds plus OTE, great incentives and benefits, fast-paced career progression, the list really goes on. And don’t get me wrong, recruitment can offer all of this if you put in the effort. But on paper, you couldn’t get a much better job proposition. The highs in recruitment defiantly come with their benefits, but it can’t always be just highs. For example, it can be soul destroying the first time you put in the leg-work for a candidate, for them to disappear of the face of the earth! Just remember, there are plenty more fish in the sea. Relish the highs, and bounce back from the lows.

There is so much more to the job than first anticipated

Looking through CV’s, calling candidates, conducting interviews and doing the odd bit of research. Is that all you may ask? Of course not, I wasn’t that complacent! But joking aside, it is easy to look at the day to day responsibilities and think that that is all there is to it. There are so many little things which can be easily dismissed as being unimportant. This could be for example reading the news and staying up to date on what is going on within your market, and trust me I was never an avid news reader! But since having it drilled into me for the last couple of months I have already directly seen benefits and scenarios where having this underlying knowledge helps. It’s important to take on board everything learnt from your seniors; they have been in your shoes before!

Although my expectations and reality differed and I was unaware of the extent of the rollercoaster, it’s all part of the journey. And in fact, after working within recruitment for almost 3 months, I couldn’t have made a better decision!

Oscar Brown 

Associate Recruitment Consultant – TRM Recruitment 

    After starting my job search I was recommended Tom via linkedin. Throughout the process Tom and Eddie both kept me up to date with as much information as possible and understood what I was seeking within a role. There bespoke approach is extremely refreshing and although we did not end up sourcing a role as I accepted another offer, I would not hesitate to recommend Tom and his team to anyone seeking a new role and want to speak to someone who will give them a clear and honest approach to the search.