Lets be honest, Recruitment isn’t well known for its staff retention, work life balance and relaxed working environment, with that said some Recruitment firms are achieving staff retention rates of 85% in an industry, which the standard is closer to 40%/50%. Working in a Rec2Rec you get a pretty good understanding to why this is.

Cultural Fit.

I would say that at least 7/10 Recruiters have worked at a firm that they didn’t really fit into, myself included, whether it be the people your working with, the market you’re recruiting into, the management

Cultural fit within Recruitment is possibly the most important factor, more so than any other Recruiting market I’ve worked in before. The shock is firms are still disregarding this and hiring people based solely on if they can do the job are struggling to keep people. The firms that are keeping people 2 years + (which is when they become truly profitable) are hiring people on Values initially and then there ability to do the job.

Working Environment.

This is undoubtedly one of the main reasons why Recruiters leave the industry, working 10/12 hours day without any flexibility, Consultants having to take half days due to having a football match kicking off at 8pm or being booed off the sales floor if you leave before 7pm, (both happening in the last 6 months.)

Consultants giving their life up to work for these businesses but can’t play football on a Wednesday evening or go to dinner with friends, because Recruitment is all that matters. The Recruitment firms that offer this flexibility and trust to their employees are the ones who are keeping their consultants, and from that doing quite well.

I guess if all the businesses had a perfect hiring model and culture, I would be out of the job. Keep up the poor work!

    After starting my job search I was recommended Tom via linkedin. Throughout the process Tom and Eddie both kept me up to date with as much information as possible and understood what I was seeking within a role. There bespoke approach is extremely refreshing and although we did not end up sourcing a role as I accepted another offer, I would not hesitate to recommend Tom and his team to anyone seeking a new role and want to speak to someone who will give them a clear and honest approach to the search.