Partnership, return on investment and ensuring you win the war for talent.

The barriers to entry in the recruitment sector are lower than many markets.  This has led to “spot” placements rather than a long term relationships between recruitment to recruitment companies and their clients.


This is categorically not us. The war for talent in the recruitment sector is as prominent as in any other sector, and the need for a recruitment to recruitment partner has never been higher.

We meet our hiring customers to build an understanding of not only the preferred background and levels of consultant you wish to hire, but equally to understand your culture and what type of person fits into your business. By understanding your company, this increases the possibility of hiring the right profile, and therefore an individual who is going to provide a return on investment for your business.

There are many examples where TRM have placed multiple times with a company and often on an exclusive basis.

  • You will meet candidates through us that have and understanding of your business, culture and vision
  • You will be provided with details on their past performance, reasons for leaving and main motivations
  • You will be updated with the candidates job search and preferred options.
  • Every candidate will be well managed

We won’t waste your time

  • TRM are our recruiter of choice. Each external hire we have made and will make will be through them. I was surprised by their professionalism and diligence throughout the process. Each time I have asked them they have found the right candidate for me and my firm.

Earn up to


*starts at £250,

Dependent on experience

Candidate Referral Scheme

£250 – Trainee/Junior Candidate (under 12 months experience)

£500 – Recruiter with 12+ months experience

£750 – Recruiter with 3 years’ experience (Senior Consultant/Team Leader level.)

£1000 (Director level placement. )

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